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I've been birding for more than 30 years but have a wide interest in the natural world, particularly butterflies and dragonflies. I grew up and spent most of my life so far in Ayrshire in south-west Scotland (SOC County Recorder since 2007 & Ayrshire Bird Report Editor since 2004). I currently live in London and most of my photography is done in the city, with trips abroad still mainly for birding/listing but this may change.  I've been photographing birds since early 2005.

Other photography & artwork

Recently I've started producing pencil drawings based on my photographs:

 Fraser's Birding Website > Sketches

 ... and I photograph other things from time to time:

 Fraser's Birding Website > Photographs

Nature, Abstracts, Textures & Patterns, Landscapes, Lightbox, Buildings & Interiors, Elements & Lights, Night Photography, Mobile.

My other websites

Please visit the following links to my other sites...

 Fraser's Birding Website

 Trip Reports, Recent Sightings, Local Patches, Ayrshire Butterflies & Dragonflies, Nature Photographs,

 Sound Recordings/Sonograms and Sketches.


 Fraser's Birding Blog

 Web log regularly updated diary with news, views & photos.



The hummingbird design is manipulated from a photograph taken in Arizona.  


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